Health & Safety Policy

LCM will carry out all activities in a fully safe and healthy environment. We will establish and maintain measures to ensure that everyone who enters the Hooton Park site returns home uninjured and without any harm to health.

Everyone associated with LCM, as an employee, contractor or visitor, will conduct themselves in a way that assures the highest standards of health and safety excellence at all times. Adherence to legislation is the absolute minimum. We are all accountable for maintaining and continually improving the safe working policies and procedures to help achieve this aim.

The key principles that support of our Policy are:

  • Every loss, be it injury, occupational illness, process deviation or near hit, is preventable. In practice this means recognising all hazards and redesigning processes wherever possible to eliminate dangers.
  • No task is so important or so urgent that it cannot be done in a safe manner every time. Appropriate working practises and correct use of protective equipment will be defined for all tasks.
  • LCM staff will work together as a team to establish and continually develop an active culture of health and safety awareness.
  • Full training will be given to enable staff to carry out their tasks in a manner consistent with achieving excellence in health and safety matters.
  • LCM site rules and health and safety policies are mandatory for all staff, contractors or visitors whilst at Hooton Park.
  • Any incidents or near misses will be thoroughly investigated. Control measures to prevent recurrence will be implemented.
  • Control actions that allow an incident to be repeated are deemed to have failed.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment and a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974.

These key principles are designed to deliver ZERO INJURIES or INCIDENTS.