Our principal products are as follows:

  • Neodymium-Boron-Iron and Samarium-Cobalt alloys for the permanent magnet industry, supplied in powder, strip cast flake or cast ingot forms. LCM is one of only two manufacturers globally producing SmCo alloy powders by the solid state co-reduction process.
  • Other rare earth based alloys, including magneto-caloric, magneto-strictive, hydrogen storage alloys and a wide range of master alloys used to introduce rare earths to other systems, including Y-Al, La-Ni, Ce-Ni, Sc-Al etc.
  • A wide range of other alloys, for example those based on Ni, Co, Al, Fe.
  • High purity rare earth metals including sputtering targets.
  • Ultra-high purity indium and high-purity gallium.
  • Alloys for research purposes in quantities from just 100g.
  • We also undertake commercial analysis by ICP-OES and LECO and can carry out major composition and impurity analysis on many metal and alloy systems.
  • LCM enjoys exclusive European representation of a leading Chinese producer of bonded magnetic powders. This company Grirem Advanced Materials Co Ltd., supplies a comprehensive range of powders for injection moulding and hot pressing applications and rapidly develops new compositions to meet customer demands.