Technical and Development

LCM has a dedicated technical presence to oversee our development project portfolio, improve existing products and processes and strengthen core skills to allow us to expand into new product areas including titanium alloys and superalloys.

We fully recognise the importance of building lasting relationships with our customers from the outset, so whatever your alloy development needs please contact us and we will be pleased to study your requirements and work with you to meet your demands.

LCM participates in a diverse range of European and UK funded projects focussed on product and process development. These projects allow LCM to look forward into future technologies and ensure that we continue to be an active participant in the European academic, research and development communities.

These projects specifically include work on the development of sustainable European sources of rare earths, extraction and recycling of rare earths, new materials for hydrogen storage systems and development of new methods for the production of Scandium-Aluminium alloys for aerospace applications.