Hydrogen Storage Alloys.

Did you know that Hydrogen storage alloys can absorb 1000 times their volume in hydrogen making them a favorable choice when it comes to green energy? With a long lifespan of storage, the opportunities for hydrogen storage alloys are endless. They can be used to power various establishments such as factories, commercial buildings, universities, residential areas and hotels.


What are hydrogen storage alloys?

Hydrogen storage alloys, also known as metal hydrides, are materials that can store and release hydrogen gas through hydrogen absorption and desorption. These alloys are typically composed of metals such as titanium, zirconium, magnesium, and rare earth elements.

Why are they important?

The storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides is a promising technology for applications in hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage tanks, and portable hydrogen storage devices. It offers several advantages over other hydrogen storage methods, such as high volumetric and gravimetric hydrogen densities, improved safety, and reversible storage/release processes.

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