Laboratory Analysis

The LCM Lab


The Less Common Metals laboratory is an inorganic analytical laboratory equipped to test the elemental composition, microstructural and physical properties of inorganic materials. It primarily acts as the quality control (QC) department for the production of metal alloys but has the capability to perform commercial analysis.

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Optical emission spectroscopy is a tool for the determination of metallic elements in concentrations from 0.05 % to 100 % (w/w).


Gas-fusion and combustion techniques employ infrared (IR) and thermal detection of: C, S, O and N.

Optical Microscopy

A light microscope can be used to assess the structure of alloys at low magnifications (X10-X500 magnification).


Electron microscopes can be used to produce detailed micrographs at high magnifications

Particle Size Determination

The LCM lab offers two sieve-shakers to qualify the particle size of various powdered alloys, including the calculation of D25, D50 and D75.

Thickness Measurement

LCM has developed and built in-house a highly reliable laser-based technique for rapid and accurate analysis.

X-Ray Diffraction

Powder XRD can be used for the analysis of minerals and raw materials

Looking for inorganic analysis and material testing?

The Less Common Metals laboratory offers advanced analytical services for inorganic materials, including elemental composition analysis, microstructural analysis, and physical properties testing. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and staffed by experienced scientists who are skilled in conducting rigorous analyses to meet the needs of our clients.

Our laboratory primarily serves as the quality control department for the production of metal alloys, but we also offer commercial analysis services to external clients. Our analytical capabilities enable us to provide valuable insights into the properties and performance of a wide range of inorganic materials, which can inform research and development efforts or support the optimization of production processes.

If you require analytical services for your materials, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable analyses to meet your needs. To request analysis from our laboratory, please fill out our contact form with information about your project and we will be in touch promptly to discuss your requirements and provide a quote for our services.

At the Less Common Metals laboratory, we are committed to providing the highest quality analytical services for our clients.

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