Anisotropic Bonded NdFeB Powders

For Bonded Magnets

LCM enjoys exclusive European representation of a leading Chinese producer of bonded magnetic powders. This company Grirem Advanced Materials Co Ltd., supplies a comprehensive range of powders for bonded magnets and hot pressing/ hot deforming magnets.

The related Anisotropic powders we provide are processed by HDDR methods. Anisotropic magnetic powders can be used to produce bonded magnets with maximum energy products twice that of the isotropic bonded magnets. The motors with these types of magnet have a large torque output, stable rotation and low noise, which promotes the development of motor components to miniaturization and a reduction in finished product weight. They are widely used in new energy vehicles, intelligent home appliances, robots and other high-tech fields.

We are happy to assist with tailoring our powder to your desired specification for any given application, ensuring your end users magnet can perform as intended through high quality products and an excellence for repeatability. Working closely to provide an exemplary understanding of customer expectation.

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