The 3d render shown here is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual appearance, quality, or functionality of the final product.

Material information

Our silver is available in these 3 alloys:

AgGeCu: This is an alloy made of silver (Ag), germanium (Ge), and copper (Cu). The proportions of each element can vary, depending on the specific alloy. This alloy is often used in electrical and electronic applications due to its high electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

AgGeCuSn: This is a variation of the AgGeCu alloy, with the addition of tin (Sn). This alloy is also used in electrical and electronic applications, as well as in soldering and brazing. The addition of tin can improve the mechanical properties of the alloy, such as its strength and ductility.

AgSbTe: This is an alloy made of silver (Ag), antimony (Sb), and tellurium (Te). This alloy is a thermoelectric material, meaning it can convert heat energy into electrical energy. It is used in devices such as thermoelectric generators, which can generate electricity from waste heat sources such as car exhaust or industrial processes. The composition of this alloy can be adjusted to optimize its thermoelectric properties for specific applications.

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