The 3d render shown here is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual appearance, quality, or functionality of the final product.

Material information

Our Zinc is available as the following alloy:

ZnCeLa is a cast product composed of zinc (Zn), cerium (Ce), and lanthanum (La). It represents an alloy where these elements are combined, potentially forming a solid solution or intermetallic compounds. The specific properties and applications of ZnCeLa would depend on the composition and the manufacturing process. Zinc-based alloys can exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, while the addition of cerium and lanthanum can further enhance specific characteristics such as high-temperature stability, strength, or magnetic properties. The precise applications of ZnCeLa can vary widely and may include automotive components, aerospace components, electrical contacts, and other industrial applications where the combination of properties provided by these elements is desirable.

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