Ian Higgins steps down from Managing Director role at LCM

Ian Higgins steps down from Managing Director role at LCM

Less Common Metals (LCM) are saddened to announce Ian Higgins has taken the decision to resign and move on from LCM. With a smooth transition planned, Ian is to pass the LCM baton to Albert Slot who will take over the role of Managing Director.

After 29 years, of working in the Rare Earth Industry across both technical and commercial roles, Ian has decided to embark on the next chapter of his life.

Ian takes this opportunity to reflect on his career: “I have been involved in product and process development, supervised the analytical laboratory, worked as Production Manager, overseen the Quality system, and took the role of Commercial Manager with responsibility for both purchasing and sales.

“Although I hasten to add, none of these roles were undertaken at the same time. These experiences in so many different facets of the two companies proved invaluable for my appointment as General Manager of LCM in 2008 followed by Managing Director in 2011.”

Whilst at LCM, Ian has travelled extensively, particularly in China, and has acquired a detailed knowledge of the rare earth supply chain which has been invaluable to the growth of LCM.

When asked what the biggest achievement in Ian’s career was, he replied:

“In 2017 our new shareholders asked LCM to establish a fully commercial facility to produce rare earth metals from oxides. Previous attempts to achieve this had made it clear just how big a challenge it would be to access Chinese technology and adapt it to Western-world production standards.

“Nevertheless, I was fortunate to enjoy the support of an excellent team, both in the UK and China, and this resulted in a project that exceeded all expectations in terms of smoothness of operation and achieving all the objectives. For me, the project was an excellent illustration of what can be achieved with correct planning and execution. I thank all those who worked on the project for their contribution to its success.”

Albert Slot, previously Director of Sales and Business Development at Arnold Magnetic Technologies joined LCM in July as Managing Director of Operations. Ian will work closely with Albert to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities. Ian and Albert have known each other for several years and, in regard to Albert’s appointment, Ian commented as follows;

“I am delighted that LCM has been able to recruit someone with the level of expertise and capability of Albert. It is great to see that LCM will be in such good hands, and I wish Albert all the very best in his future role”.

Grant Smith, Chairman of LCM adds: “All of us at LCM are saddened by his departure. On behalf of the Board and all his colleagues, I wish him the very best for his future endeavors.”