Less Common Metals appoints new joint Managing Director

Less Common Metals appoints new joint Managing Director

Less Common Metals Ltd (LCM) is thrilled to announce that the management team is expanding as we welcome Albert Slot onboard.

Albert Slot, previously Director of Sales and Business Development at Arnold Magnetic Technologies will be working alongside Ian Higgins in a joint Managing Director role as LCM paves the way for a UK magnet plant.

Grant Smith, Chairman of LCM said: “Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth, especially in this crucial moment in time when countries are gearing up for the green revolution. The rare earth industry is constantly changing at a fast pace, and the decision to bring Albert on board will without a doubt help to propel LCM to accomplish its goals.”

LCM was awarded funding on two occasions by Innovate UK on behalf of the Automotive Propulsion Centre to conduct a feasibility study to identify the requirements for a fully integrated supply chain for Rare Earth Permanent Magnet production in the UK.

Rare earth-based permanent magnets are the most powerful magnets commercially available and find use in many key applications such as electric vehicles, wind power, low-energy pumps, and chemical couplings.

The rare earths required for such magnets are critical materials and the current overdependence on China for supply gives huge strategic vulnerabilities.

The feasibility studies have allowed LCM to evaluate raw material sources, production of concentrates, and separation into individual rare earths, before processing into metals onsite and then alloys for supply to a magnet production facility.

Albert Slot said: “LCM’s global market is rapidly changing, creating interesting opportunities for setting up a European supply base for rare earth magnets and special metals. I am pleased to be able to join the team of knowledgeable and motivated people at LCM and contribute to LCM’s success.”

It is evident that LCM is key to driving the UK green revolution and the team is thrilled to welcome Albert who has extensive knowledge in the rare earth industry and supply chain management.