Local MP praises SME manufacturing company essential to the UK Green Revolution

Local MP praises SME manufacturing company essential to the UK Green Revolution

Local MP for Ellesmere Port, Justin Madders, was welcomed to Less Common Metals for a second occasion to discuss UK Green Targets and potential challenges from a Midstream company in the Mining and Metals industry.

As LCM approaches 30 years in the Mining and Metals business, it was a brilliant opportunity to meet with Mr. Madders and update him about LCMs’ position in the supply chain for crucial permanent magnets.

Rare earth-based permanent magnets are the most powerful magnets commercially available and find use in many key applications such as electric vehicles, wind power, low-energy pumps, and chemical couplings.

The rare earths required for such magnets are critical materials and the current overdependence on China for supply gives huge strategic vulnerabilities, hence why it would be strategically beneficial to have a magnet plant in the UK.

Justin Madders visited last year when LCM was awarded UK Government funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) as part of the Automotive Transformation Fund.

The first study identified the requirements for a fully integrated supply chain for Rare Earth Permanent Magnet production in the UK, this study is now complete. Currently, LCM is developing the second study which looks in more detail at the requirements for a magnet plant in the UK.

Mr. Madders was delighted to hear that a local SME manufacturing company, on the doorstep of Ellesmere Port residents, could shape the future of the local area and even more the UK green energy transition.

He said: “It was a pleasure to visit such a market-leading company that will play a major part in the economy moving forward”.

Discussions were also had about the future expansion of Less Common Metals and recruiting opportunities. If you are interested in working with LCM keep an eye out on our social media channels.