Material information

Elemental holmium is a relatively soft and malleable, silvery-white metal. Holmium is found in the minerals monazite and gadolinite. Trivalent holmium ions have fluorescent properties similar to many other rare-earth ions (while yielding their own set of unique emission light lines), and thus are used in the same way as some other rare earths in certain laser and glass-colorant applications. Holmium has the highest magnetic permeability of any element and therefore is used for the polepieces of the strongest static magnets


CompositionHolmium - VR 99.9%
Common metallic impuritiesTrace metals basis
Physical DescriptionSilvery white in appearance
Certificate of analysisAvailable upon request
PackagingPacked in sealed polythene bags and supplied in securely sealed metal drums, resistant to the impregnation of water

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