Material information

Praseodymium’s primary use is as an alloying agent with magnesium to create high-strength metals that are used in aircraft engines. Praseodymium also makes up about 5% of Misch metal, a material that is used to make flints for lighters. Praseodymium forms the core of carbon arc lights which are used in the motion picture industry for studio lighting and projector lights. Praseodymium is added to fiber optic cables as a doping agent where it is used as a signal amplifier. Praseodymium salts are used to give glasses and enamels a yellow colour. This element is also a component of didymium glass, which is used to make certain types of welder’s and glass blower’s goggles.


CompositionPraseodymium Ingot 99%
Common metallic impuritiesTrace metals basis
Physical DescriptionNominally 500g – 1kg pieces
Certificate of analysisAvailable upon request
PackagingPacked in sealed polythene bags and supplied in securely sealed metal drums, resistant to the impregnation of water

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