Unleash the potential of specialty alloys

Unleash the potential of specialty alloys

Specialty alloys offer a range of benefits due to their unique compositions and properties that are tailored to specific applications.

These alloys are engineered by LCM to exhibit exceptional performance characteristics that standard alloys may not possess.

Some of the benefits of specialty alloys include:

Magnetic Properties

These alloys are engineered to exhibit specific magnetic properties, including high magnetic permeability, low coercivity, and excellent magnetic retention. They are vital for applications in several key industries such as ‘green’ technology, healthcare, automotive, and aerospace.

Electrical Conductivity

Some are optimised for electrical conductivity, making them ideal where efficient electrical transmission is crucial, such as in electronics and telecommunications.

Lightweight Construction

Some specialty alloys have been developed to combine high strength with low weight, making them valuable for applications where weight savings are essential, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.


Specialty alloys can be customised to meet specific requirements, allowing engineers to fine-tune properties such as hardness, ductility, and thermal expansion for optimal performance in particular applications.

Enhanced Performance

Through research and development, alloys can be designed to excel in specific environments, conditions, or applications. LCM’s technical department works with companies all over the world to help create their vision for their desired application.

Corrosion Resistance

Some specialty alloys are formulated to resist corrosion in aggressive environments, where standard alloys might fail. Making them suitable for components subjected to long-term abrasive or erosive conditions, such as cutting tools, bearings, and industrial machinery parts.

High Temperature Stability

Mechanical strength and other properties are maintained at elevated temperatures. Suitable for applications in high-temperature environments such as aerospace, power generation, and industrial processes.

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