Our Equipment

25 state-of-the-art pieces of equipment.

With many years’ experience in the production of materials to tight compositional tolerances and controlled microstructures, LCM offers an innovative and highly flexible approach to a wide range of material requirements.

Our Key Equipment.

X-Ray Diffraction

Powder XRD can be used for the analysis of minerals and raw materials.

Particle Size Determination

The LCM lab offers two sieve-shakers to qualify the particle size of various powdered alloys, including the calculation of D25, D50 and D75.

Optical Microscope

A light microscope can be used to assess the structure of alloys at low magnifications (X10-X500 magnification).


Gas-fusion and combustion techniques employ infrared (IR) and thermal detection of: C, S, O and N.


Electron microscopes can be used to produce detailed micrographs at high magnifications.

Thickness Measurement

LCM has developed and commissioned a highly reliable laser-based technique for rapid and accurate analysis.


Optical emission spectroscopy is a tool for the determination of metallic elements in concentrations from 0.05 % to 100 % (w/w).